Effective Logo Design Should Be The Cornerstone Of Your Brand.

Space-run Media is a creative branding agency in Surulere, Lagos working with startups and small businesses all around the world. We craft your logo to the highest standard. The design reflects your brand identity in a meaningful way to inspire the rest of your visual communication. Logo Design shouldn’t just be pretty; effective logo design should be well thought through, bespoke.

Our Logo Process


We take the initial communication with our clients very seriously to understand their expectations so that they get the best. After developing clarity on their vision, we start defining the plan of action.


The next step is the most tedious. It is extensive research and analysis. We study the market trends of your field of service and try to create a subtle and timeless piece with the best colors and fonts


We keep collecting ideas until we get one that fits your requirements like an opera glove. Whether the origination of the concept takes us on a hike or a summit, the Logo Design Valley only delivers the best.


At this stage, we develop the tailor made logos according to your wishes. Any alterations and all the additions are completed here. Once the client is satisfied with the colors and fonts, it’s only then that we take our last step.


This is where we test the logo on the clients’ products and their assigned social media channels.



We’ve created logos for clients in all kinds of industries—so each one is tailormade to appeal to your core audience.



We have expert web and logo graphic designers who know the core of creative designing



Work with our professional designers to get complete gratification on our design services.

A glimpse of our recent professional logos

Our logo is your brand. We’ve helped thousands of brands come up with a logo that defines their core values
while making them instantly recognizable! Take a look:

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

Logos breathe life into your brand. they sell your product or service before any other marketing materials work their magic; they’re like you’re proverbial foot in the door. That’s why you need one that compels potential clients to reach out to you over your competitors.

The short answer is: it depends! If you’re happy with our take on our collaborative take on your brand’s logo the first time, it can even take just a few days. But if you have a very specific vision that will take time to get right, the entire process can take up to a few weeks.

Nothing will be posted to your business’s website or any other points of contact with clients without your express consent. And custom logo that we design will first be approved by you, only after which should you expect to see it on your website.

Our custom logo design services start at just a N15,000 and go up from there based on your requirements and the number of services you want to avail.